Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.
John 7, 38



# Title Speaker Date
4 All God's true children are led by the Holy Spirit 2014-06-08
3 Those who are lead by God`s Spirit belong to God 2014-05-25
2 What a precious truth! God`s Spirit leads all true God`s children 2014-05-18
1 The Holy Spirit: His person and work 2014-05-11
4 Are truly ready for the coming of the Lord? 2014-04-20
3 Let us prepare for Christ´s second coming as we should! - Part 2 2014-04-13
2 Let us prepare for Christ´s second coming as we should! 2014-03-30
1 How ready ar you for Christ´s second coming? 2014-03-23
1 The secret of success for all Christ's True Churches! 2014-02-09
0 Are you blind or do you see men, as trees walking? 2014-01-26
7 The compassionate ones belong to the Lord; the others not 2014-01-19
19 Our great High Priest gives, and will give us Himself! 2013-12-29
18 The Lord Jesus and the church that was dead: Sardis 2013-12-22
15 The God-Man in the midst of His churches 2013-11-24
13 The Lord Jesus and Nicodemus 2013-11-10
12 The Strong one driven out by the Stronger One 2013-10-27
11 The Lord Jesus feeds the hungry multitude 2013-10-20
10 The Lord Jesus and the unfruitful fig tree 2013-10-13
9 The message of Lazarus 2013-09-29
8 The Lord Jesus and Simon Peter 2013-09-22

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